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2012 – 2013
2009 – 2012
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2002 – 2007
IKEA Communications AB retouch artist // hired for projects 

I am retouching pictures you can see online, in print material, and on billboards. I am tuning 3D renders, adding and removing parts of photographs, correcting colours, adjusting shadows and lights, and adapting room sets for different markets by mixing photos with 3D renders. This year I am part of the team that produces the 2016 IKEA catalogue, the world’s largest commercial print publication. I work together with a team of image producers, art directors, photographers and interior designers to solve any production challenges in an efficient way. 

Freelancer graphic designer

I am designing both print and digital materials, such as posters, layouts, brand identity, logos, apps and web pages. I am using all my skills I need to be able to handle a project from freehand sketching, though Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign, to the printers or to the programmers. As working with different materials I keep track on the production also.

IKEA Communications AB // graphic designer – full time

I was working with local print and web, like brochure and clips for Germany, helping out with chinese brochures and preparing online materials. I was cooperating in the studio together with photographers and interior designers to get the best image that the communication requires. If I could see some helping hands were needed in the studio and I was available at the time, I really enjoyed to join and be useful there in other ways as well.


Auth Design // art director & graphic designer – full time

My responsibilities were designing, developing and producing print designs like magazines, brochures, books, business cards, advertisements, menus; photo retouching, desktop publishing and

doing prepress work. I was working with the signage system of the Hungarian Museum of Applied Arts, Budapest Airport Terminal 1, Terminal 2A and T2B, and of the red metro line. I participated on the design, development and production of the new signage system for Budapest Airport.


Private Music Production // art director & graphic designer – part time

I was designing, developing and producing print materials like tickets, advertisements, posters, passes. Later I participated in projects organizing concerts as well.

Budapest College of Communication and Business // desktop publisher & designer – freelancer

Design, DTP and prepress work for the student magazine of the university.
I was also the contact person towards the printing houses.


Freelance graphic designer

As a freelancer I administrated some hompages, done technical drawings, illustrations, photo retouching, logo and identity design, print design, DTP and prepress.



Hungarian Academy Of Fine Arts

Graphic Design

University of Technology and Economics

Mechanical Engineering – Product Design Engineer faculty



MAC OS & Adobe

I am working on MAC OS for 9 years now, but I can improvise successfully on any kind of operating system or programs. I am an expert in Adobe Acrobat, Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign.

I keep myself up to date, and if something comes up that is new for me, all I say: give me an hour or two!



Hungarian, English 

Passive knowledge on German

Swedish and Danish in progress



I am passionate

I started designing things to look good as my hobby. Today it is my job. Sometimes I choose another restaurant, if the menu or the logo is poorly designed, because this can mean the owner doesn’t pay attention to quality.


I am enthusiastic

During my travels I always end up shooting bookcovers, packaging, signage systems on the station, or signs in a museum.


I think critically

I always keep asking why, and what if. I believe this way I can avoid most of the problems that could appear.


I am curious

Like to experiment and analyse things to understand and learn more.

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